Florence and the Nightingale


Hello loyal beta testers and newcomers! We are proud to present our latest beta release, SW-0.9.3, lovingly nicknamed "Nightingale" in honor of Florence Nightingale and nurses everywhere. Without further ado, here's a rundown of the changes and added features:

  • No more membership required to search the map and forecast, or to connect with Facebook and Twitter for the "Your Friends" news feed
  • New layout, including "Today's Forecast" in the upper left of the page
  • We separated the "Today's Forecast" and "Sickweather Map" functionality, so you can search the map without changing the forecast and vice versa
  • New "Recommend a Remedy" function in the news feed, so you can help your sick friends feel better!
  • New "See Map In Motion" feature to reveal the directional movement and emergence of any illness, in any area, at any zoom level, over the past several days
  • New expanding map function to toggle between small and large maps
  • "Your Friends" news feed bug fix to remove duplicate entries
  • Hovering symptom and illness glossary definitions

Regarding the membership requirements, you will still need to log-in or become a member to post your symptoms and share them on Facebook and Twitter. We are developing other cool, members-only features that are coming soon! As always, use our Feedback button to tell us what you think of the new features.

Submitted by Graham Dodge, CEO & Co-Founder

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