Sickweather Pro and Nightingale


About two years ago, we met with an ad agency in NYC that told us if we could forecast our real-time illness trends at least 8 weeks in advance, then that information could help them with "ad activation strategy" for their household and health clients - meaning that they would be able to know when and where to advertise products and services related to the illnesses that we are tracking (eg. a cough product in a city where people are coughing). We then set out on a long journey to build what is now Sickweather Pro and our new Nightingale engine.

Sickweather Pro

We had previously been noted for identifying flu outbreaks 6 weeks in advance, so 8 weeks didn't seem that challenging. It only required a complete overhaul of our disease surveillance engine. In more technical terms, we developed a more advanced model-based classification system to support a new data forecasting model, which has since been continuously tested to achieve 91% accuracy, up to 15 weeks in advance. Our team of data scientists and epidemiologists worked tirelessly to improve the quality of our engine, which is to the benefit of both Sickweather and Sickweather Pro. It was such an accomplishment that we decided to give this new engine its own name, emblematic of the multiple ways in which our health forecasting methods will enable other healthcare professionals to better serve the public in times of need: Nightingale.

Sickweather NightingaleSeveral 3rd party partners are already developing new products and services with our Nightingale API, which is driving even more data and engagement to Sickweather. Over the next year, more FDA approved medical devices like the Swaive Smart Ear Thermometer will be integrating with Sickweather's Nightingale engine to read and write data that will easily and instantly add value to patients, providers and parents using these devices. It's a new and exciting chapter for both Sickweather and public health.

submitted by Graham Dodge, CEO

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