Flu Activity Status Update and Tips for Staying Healthy


For the past few years, the CDC and Sickweather have recorded the highest number of flu reports in the first two weeks of January, with the exception of last year when it peaked in mid-March (as Sickweather had predicted 15 weeks prior). This year, Sickweather has been predicting that this week will be the peak for this season. Already, we have seen higher than typical flu reports in the states of Washington, North Dakota, Alaska, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Ohio, California, Massachusetts and Oklahoma. Below is a map from our Sickweather Pro dashboard showing flu activity in the US over the past 2 weeks:

Sickweather Flu Top 10 2017

Although the flu leads to 111 million workdays lost annually, less than half of the population got their flu shots in the past season. When your children get sick with the flu, they miss school activities, accruing costs to yourself and the school. This means that there is no better time than now to protect your health and that of those you care about.

Sickweather wants to help you do just that. The following few tips can make a world of difference in keeping you healthy this season:

  • • Remember to take your flu shot and remind your loved ones to as well
  • • Don’t come to work if you are sick; it only infects everyone else and you will not be productive anyway.
  • • Remember to wash and disinfect your hands regularly, especially when you come in contact with breeding grounds for germs such as door knobs, bathroom surfaces, computer keypads, books, switches, phones and water faucets.
  • • Teach your children to practice these healthy habits as they return to school
  • • Last but not the least, take a minute to download the Sickweather app so you stay aware of flu activity in your area and get health tips periodically.

Our friends at Clorox have created the following infographics for both Work and School as easy reference:

Clorox Flu Work Inforgaphic

Clorox Flu School Inforgaphic

Sickweather wishes you a productive and healthy new year!

submitted by: Graham Dodge, CEO

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